Totesport is becoming one of the most popular forms of betting you will find based in the UK. The Tote is the only site which offers a betting system which enables you to gather bets and place it in a pool. Then from this a charge is taking from the bookmaker where from this the payout odds are calculated by sharing the pool among winning bets.

You will find as you read through the site that Totesport covers an range of tote bets which are geared to those looking to work their way up the winnings ladder.

Scoop 6 is a Tote bet that occurs every Saturday over 6 races which gives you the opportunity to win big with a minimum bet of £2. The key objective of this bet is for you to try and select the six winners from the six races on show. On successfully selecting six placed horses you can win a share of the dividends. You will find that even funding on a placed horse can pay out good dividends.

This form of Tote betting also leads to a bonus fund which is offered to anyone who wins the Scoop 6.  You will have to select a horse from a selected race the following Saturday. If it wins, then you will win the bonus fund.

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Scoop6 Race
Totescoop6 Preview for Saturday 16th November 2019

Leg 1,    Cheltenham        1.50pm
Leg 2,    Cheltenham        2.25pm
Leg 3,    Lingfield               2.45pm
Leg 4,    Cheltenham         3.00pm
Leg 5,    Lingfield                3.15pm
Leg 6,    Cheltenham         3.30pm

So it’s Saturday and you have just seen the morning line on Channel 4 or you have picked up the morning newspaper and you are drawn to the notice stating that there is a big Scoop6 fund to be played for later on that afternoon.

It is easy to start but the hard part is selecting the winning horses. You can place your bet by going onto the Totesport and going through the simple registration process, then depositing some funds into the account so you are able to make your Scoop 6 bet.

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