Following a comprehensive review, the totesuper7 bet is to be re-launched in a new and improved format next week, from Monday 19th July.

The main features of the new totesuper7 are as follows:

* The ‘any 6’ and ‘any 5’ consolation dividends will be replaced by a seven-race place dividend. Players can still win a fortune by correctly predicting all 7 winners, but now they can also get a payout without even backing a winner.

* The minimum unit stake for the bet will remain at £2, which will be divided equally between the win and place fund, making it equivalent to a £1 each way accumulator.

* The totesuper7 will now operate over two race meetings only, alternating between the last four races from one meeting and the last three from another, making it much easier to win.

* These changes will also make it simpler to find out which races make up the bet each day, with the added benefit of all seven legs typically taking place within a one and a half hour time frame.

* Rollovers will now carry forward from pool to pool – so there may sometimes be place fund rollovers that provide extra value, as well as the main prize fund.

* The totesuper7 will continue to run from Sunday to Friday as normal.

The totesuper7 pool currently stands at £106,825 (including the starting fund, and before deductions) and will continue to operate this week as normal. If the bet is won this week, then the starting fund will be added to the main prize fund for all seven winners.

The bet will then conclude in its current configuration on Friday 16th July and if the ‘all 7 winners’ pool remains not won, it will be carried forward to the first totesuper7 pool in its new format the following Monday.

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