The lowest level of selection available is one line of six horses, one in each leg which will cost a minimum stake of £2. Although, any amount of horses in each leg can be selected to make an alternative with each line costing £2. Bets are accepted up to the first of the six totescoop6 legs selected.

Each £2 stake unit placed would go into the central pool where from where it is divided into a place, win and bonus fund. The win fund dividend can be won by all players who have successfully selected all six winning horses and each winner in the win fund is then entitled to register. In registering you are then qualified to play for the bonus fund the following Saturday. The place fund differs from the win fund as the dividend is paid to all players who selected a horse placed in each of the six legs. In order to get the bonus fund a player must have won the win fund and registered to qualify. The winner is selected through the tote pool nominated bonus fund race on the following Saturday.


When making a selection of the Tote Scoop6 legs you must indicate this by their horse name, un-named favourite or race card number. If the race card number of an overnight-declared runner is allocated to a reserve horse, then the reserve horses will be re-numbered in order in line with Totepool based on course rules.

Starting Price Favourite

If a selection is not present or has become a non-runner, then the price starting favourite will be substituted. When joint favourites are in place then the horse with the lowest race card number will be selected. In the selection of horses process, if the favourite is removed before coming under starters orders and also too late for an alternative to be selected, this would mean that the horse returned at the next shortest price is chosen being the one with the lowest race card number.

Furthermore, if no starting price is returned then the first actual runner that is quoted in the racing post betting forecast is selected. Should racing post not publish a betting forecast then settlements are made in line with the Tote-pool course rules.

Win Fund

In order to be in with a chance to win the dividend from the Win Fund you will have to make sure that the winning horse in each of the day’s designated Tote Scoop 6 legs is carefully selected. If there is no outright winner of the Win Fund the respective portion of the pool will be rolled over to the next Tote Scoop 6 Win Fund decided by Tote.

To be a win fund winner you would have correctly selected each of the six winners of the Tote Scoop 6 legs to qualify to compete in the bonus fund. This is only valid provided you have registered with the Tote Scoop 6 bonus race hotline within the stated deadline.

Place Fund

To be in with a chance of winning a share of the Place Fund requires the selection of a placed horse.

Bonus Fund

The bonus fund is played by the successful winners of the previous week’s Scoop 6. Once this has been verified by officials then a race will be selected and the winners will have to try and predict the winner of the race in order to get the bonus fund.

If a Tote Scoop 6 leg is cancelled then Tote Scoop 6 will continue on with the legs remaining. Alternatively if Tote Scoop 6 decides on less than six legs then the bonus fund will not be counted for that week.