£100,000 to be won today!
(Main prize for all seven winners, after all deductions)

Tuesday’s totesuper7 races:

Leg 1, Beverley – 3.45pm

Leg 2, Beverley – 4.45pm

Leg 3, Beverley – 5.15pm

Leg 4, Newbury – 6.20pm

Leg 5, Newbury – 7.55pm

Leg 6, Newbury – 8.30pm

Leg 7, Newbury – 9.00pm

Totesuper7 is a bet from totepool, offering the chance to win a fortune from Sunday to Friday.

Customers have to pick the winners of all 7 nominated races daily for a stake of just £2. There are also consolation dividends for any 6 or any 5 winners too, so there are many ways to land a big money payout…

  • All 7 winners – pick the winner of all totesuper7 races to win the main dividend
  • Any 6 winners – pick the winners of 6 out of the 7 races to win the first consolation dividend
  • Any 5 winners – pick the winners of 5 out of the 7 races to win the second consolation dividend

Only one dividend is payable per winning line. Permutations in multiples of the £2 unit stake are accepted. Please refer to totesuper7 rules for further information.

Today’s Totepool Bets hereScoop 6

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