Tote Jackpot

Tote Jackpot LogoTote Jackpot has a very simple concept; the aim is to pick a winning horse in each of the six Jackpot races. The tote Jackpot is considered one of the more popular tote pool bets which takes place every day at except for Saturday where it is replaced by the Scoop6 pool bets. You can choose more than one horse in any of the races to increase your chances of winning. Picking all 6 race winners is extremely difficult and therefore win payouts are generally higher. The Jackpot races are usually the first 6 races on the card at the selected meeting unless otherwise stated.

If you only want to pick one horse from each of the 6 races then the minimum stake is £1 rising in multiples of 50p thereafter. Combination entries (more than one horse per race) are accepted with a minimum stake of 50p, rising thereafter in multiples of 50p, providing a minimum total of £2 is staked.

Tote Swinger

Tote Swinger LogoTote Swinger was launched at Royal Ascot as the first new tote bet since the scoop6 was unveiled in 1999. The aim of this bet is to successfully choose 2 horses in a race of 6 or more runners that finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any order. Punters are paid a different dividends amounts for first and second, first and third & second and third.

The minimum unit stake for a tote Swinger bet is 10p. The minimum unit stake on-course is 50p with minimum total spend £2 as per all Totepool on-course bets. Tote swinger is unique to the tote; there is no other equivalent fixed odds or SP bet.

Tote Win

Tote Win LogoTote Win is the most popular Tote bet, it is also the easiest to play. The aim of the Win bet is to select a horse that you think will win the race. Most popular bets are either the favourite horse which is the one with the shortest price or a rank outsider who is most unlikely to win the race but will give you a higher return if it does win. The minimum stake for a Tote WIN bet is €1 and the maximum stake is €1,000.

It is important to know that the win pool is divided in half if two horses dead heat for first. If the horse you have chosen has been withdrawn under starters orders before the “off” of the race your bet is void and shall be refunded to you.

Tote Place

Tote Place LogoThe aim of the Place bet is to select a horse to be placed in the race means that your horse can finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th dependent on the number of horses in the race. There are no Place bets on races with only 4 runners. Place bets are only available on positions 1st and 2nd in races with 5-7 runners. Races with 8+ runners’ punters positions 1st, 2nd and 3rd are available. Places 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th are available for 16+ Handicap Races.

The Tote place bet is a recommended bet when you fancy a horse to do well, but think it is unlikely to win the race. As it is considered slightly easier to pick a placed horse and the Tote dividends are slightly reduced. The Minimum stake for a place bet is €1.00, bet amounts only increase in multiples of €1.00, with a maximum stake per bet at €1,000.

Tote Trifecta

Tote Trifecta LogoThe Tote Trifecta replaces the old Tote Trio which involves selecting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd horses in the correct order. The Tote Trifecta bet is available with the Tote on all races with 8 or more runners. As this is extremely difficult to do and payouts are much higher. The Tote Trifecta only cost 50p per line.

The Tote Trifecta bet has three types which include the Straight Trifecta which requires punters to select horses that will finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd, to win the horses must finish in that order. The Banker Trifecta requires punters to select the horse that will finish 1st and pick as many horses as to finish 2nd and 3rd, the more horses selected the more the bet will cost. Lastly the Combination Trifecta requires punters to pick three horses to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order and the more horse selected the more the bet will cost.

Tote Exacta

Tote Exacta LogoThe Tote Exacta works in the same way as a normal bookmaker’s bet with Tote price for the bet based on the betting pool dividend. The aim is to predict the correct order of the horses finishing in first and second place. The minimum bet is £2 and the multiples of 10 pence over this, multiples can also be used to reach the initial minimum of £2.

There are three Exacta bets, the first is the Single Exacta (straight forecast) with the aim of picking the horses which finishes first and second. The second is Combination Exacta (reverse forecast) which involves picking in any order the horses that finish first and second. The last type is a Banker Exacta (banker forecast) which allow you to pick a horse which you think is going to finish first, and then any number of horses to finish second.

Tote Quadpot

Tote Quadpot LogoThe of the aim Tote Quadpot bet is to select a placed horse in 4 Quadpot races which are always races 3-6 and which take place at every British race meeting. Bets must be placed before the third race with dividends declared after the last Tote Quadpot race.

Single stake line entries are accepted with a minimum stake of £1, rising thereafter in multiples of 10p. Permutation entries are accepted with a minimum stake of 10p, rising thereafter in multiples of 10p, providing a minimum total of £2 is staked.

Tote Placepot

Tote Placepot LogoThis Tote bet is the most popular Totepool bet. Tote Placepot bet works in the exact same way as the Tote Quadpot but operates over the first six races instead of races 3-6. A Tote Placepot bet can be accepted daily at every British horse race meeting. The aim of the Tote bet is to select a placed horse in all 6 Tote Placepot races.

The Minimum Placepot stake is £1 increasing by 10p after that. Bets are accepted up to the first race and dividends are declared after the last Tote Placepot race. If any bets are placed on a non-runner this will be replaced by the Starting Price favourite, if there are joint favourites, the joint favourite with the lowest racecard number will be taken.