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The Tote Place is very much what the name implies. You are looking to pick horses that place from a particular set of daily races. There are specific requirements needed for a be able to make a Tote Place bet.

To make a Tote Place bet there needs to be a certain number of runners in the selected race. Below are the payout dividends, dependant on runners;

•    Up to 4 runners No place betting available
•    5, 6 or 7 runners Dividends paid on 2 places (1-2)
•    8 or more runners, Dividends paid on 3 places (1-2-3), non hadicap
•    16 or more runners, Dividends paid on 4 places (1-2-3-4), hadicap

The dividend for place bets is usually lower than those for a winner, as your chances of winning are higher. It is more common to make a place bet on an outside chance, rather than a favourite as you will get a much better return. This is because you are not sharing the pot with so many other winners typically.

Tote Place Bet requirements;
Minimum Bet – £2
Minimum Each-way – £1
Minimum horses – 5 runners

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